Especial Wit - Gateway Brewing, PDX
Common Bliss French Saison - Asher David Brewing and Cellarworks, Corvallis, OR
The Belgian Dip Strong Dark Ale - Wolf Tree Brewing, Seal Rock, OR
Baffled Bean Blonde Stout - Allgood Brewing, PDX
Perle Haggard German Pilsner - Ex Novo Brewing, PDX
Lemon Ginger Sour Ale - Everybody’s Brewing, White Salmon, WA
Salted Caramel Porter - Cascade Lakes Brewing, Cascade Lakes, OR
Flower in the Kettle Hazy IPA - Wayfinder Brewing, PDX
*OUT* Hop Lion IPA - Double Mountain Brewing, Hood River, OR
Beer With A Clever Name Wheat Ale - Stormbreaker Brewing, PDX
Norwegian Samurai Hazy Pale Ale with Kviek & Sake - Stormbreaker Brewing/Migration Brwing Collaboration, PDX
The Rain NW IPA - 3 Magnets Brewing, Olympia, WA
*OUT* Plywood Pilsner - Montavilla Brewworks, A Block Away
Primal Dream CDA - Bend Brewing Co, Bend, OR
S.M.A.C. Triple IPA - Stickmen Brewing, PDX
Little More Righteous ISA - Montavilla Brewworks, A Block Away
Noble Oatmeal Stout - Baerlic Brewing, PDX
Madame Molly Irish Red Ale - Stickman Brewing, Lake Oswego, OR
Dark Maple Cider - Locust Cider, Woodinville, WA
Bone Dry Cuvee Cider - Swift Cider, PDX
Nitro: Cream Ale - Ancestry Brewing, Tualatin, OR